Bobcat Sounds

Bobcat Sounds applications can be used for certain purposes, such as to make ringtones, sound effects, or just for fun.This is a very simple Bobcat Sounds app, and very easy to use.Bobcats are small to medium sized animals in the wild cat family and are named for their short ("bobbed") tails. These felines, which can live in diverse habitats such as forests, swamps and deserts, are somewhat commonly found roaming suburban residential areas, such as those in the southwestern United States. This means you have a good chance of hearing one of these wild cats without venturing deep into the wilderness! The sounds that bobcats make can be quite varied, and may not be what you're expecting. While these cats make a range of sounds, from purrs and growls to hisses and snarls, the most unique sounds that bobcats make are their cries. These cries don't always sound very catlike, but instead are sometimes described as sounding like a baby screaming or crying!
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License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
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