Fat Tuner :: Guitar Tuner

Fat Tuner was created to be simply the best guitar tuner on the planet.- 100% Free- Large, clear analog-style display- Automatic note detection- 440, 432 and 444 tunings- Advanced settings for ultimate accuracy- Customizable backlighting color- Handy tuning reference chart- Not just a guitar tuner. Works with virtually any instrument!- Target note frequency displayed for reference- Captured frequency continuously shown for precisionUsage of the tuner- Play a note on the guitar and let it ring out a few seconds. Don't pick quickly!- The needle starts from the center and moves toward the detected frequency- Quiet the guitar and adjust- Repeat until the needle stays in the centerTip! Refer to the continuously updated frequency at the top to see exactly what the tuner hears.
License Free
Version 1.31
Operating System Android