BassBox Reflex Pro

An application designed to maximize the performance of a subwoofer in bass reflex.Simple, powerful, and with so many tools to simplify your hobby or work.Calculates the size of the box in Bass Reflex enclosure following:- BB4 (4th Order Boom Box) / SBB4 (Super 4th Order Boom Box).- QB3 (Quasi 3th Order Butterworth) / SQB3 (SuperQuasi 3th Order Butterworth).- C4 (Chebyshev to ugual ripple) / SC4 (4th Order Sub-Chebyshev).- Maxim Flat.- Box losses Ql 3, Ql 7 and Ql 15.- Graphic for Frequency Response, Displacement-L. SPL, Thermally-L. SPL, Max Power SPL and Maxim Excursion.- E.B.P. (Efficiency Bandwidth Product).- Full results data: Sensibility Spl, Efficiency Spl, db Peak Level, Fmax, Re Total, Qes Total, Qts Total, Sd, Vd, Cms, Mms, Bxl, Cmes, Rms, Res.- Calculate Accord in Round or Square form.- Three correction types for each end of the port.- Select up to 6 Accord.- Results of Area, Volume, Length.Selecting the shape and calculation of the volume of the box. Designs the box in the following forms:- Cube / Rectangular Parallelepiped.- Triangle Prism- Wedge- Wedge2- Truncated of Pyramid- Hexagonal Prism- Cylinder- Sphere- Detail of panel measurements to build the case with cut PDFs and cut pattern.- Tool for calculating the electric resistance of two or more speakers, single or double coil in parallel, series or series / parallel.- Tool Signal Generator, useful for testing the performance of a subwoofer:- Control of the single Frequency with the slider from 10Hz to 250Hz, Pink Noise, White Noise, Sweep Frequency 250>20Hz and 20>250Hz, Loop and Gain tones.- Tool for calculating the Volume of speaker size.- Saving, sharing or printing projects.- Customization of projects with the possibility to enter the data of your business.
Price USD 7.99
License Purchase
Version 1.8.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.