iRemote iTunes & WMP Pro

iRemote Pro is a WiFi and Bluetooth remote for iTunes and Windows Media Player (WMP) on Windows PC (XP,Vista,7,8,10)5000 users have purchased iRemote Pro in less then one year!Control iTunes and WMP on your Windows PC, laptop, notbok or tablet from your phone. Plug in "Apple AirPort Express" to any speaker in the house and get the ultimate "iTunes Remote Control" sound system.Enjoy the beautiful user interface and rich feature set of this inovating remote control. iRemote iTunes&WMP is the only dedicated iTunes and WMP remote control supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth connections.No user settings required! Simple "Plug and Play" to connect with WiFi and Bluetooth.Download the PC server from report errors to support@androidremote.comiRemote iTunes and WMP supported features* iTunes and Windows Media Player* All PC Bluetooth and WiFi solutions* Play, pause, next and previous track* Artwork* Browse playlists, artists, albums* Search your music library* Browse videos* Rate tracks* Toggle shuffle and repeat* Control volume* Set track position* List all tracks in current track playing* Swipe to to play next or previous track* Easy setup with no configuration* All versions of iTunes* All versions of WMP (tested on WMP 12)* All 4 Bluetooth PC solutions* All Android phones 2.0 or higher
Operating System Android