Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Cutter

You can even record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim the best parts from it. All totally FREE to your music! Make your own MP3 ringtones fast and easy with this app.Features of Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Cutter:d Manually set the Start & End time(in seconds) by typing the values in text boxes at bottom of appd Fade in/out for mp3.d Preview the Ringtone files and assign to contact.d View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 6 zoom levels.d Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it.d Play the selected portion of the audio, including an indicator cursor and auto scrolling of the waveform.d Play anywhere else by tapping the screen.d Record a new audio clip to edit.d Delete audio (with confirmation alert).d Assign a Ringtone directly to a contact, you can also re-assign or delete the Ringtone from contact.d Sort by Tracks, Albums, Artists.d Manage contact Ringtone.d Record button at top left of app to record an audio/music for editing.d An Inverted Red Triangle to Select and Edit Mp3/Music from your Mobile/SD.d Option to delete (with confirmation alert) the created Tone.d Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optional touch interface.d Tap anywhere on the wave & the builtdin Music player starts playing at that position.d Copy, cut and paste.d Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file, using an optional touch interface.d Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign to contacts, using this editor.d Make your own MP3 ringtones fast and easyAfter you save a new Ringtone, the APP need rights to write it to your SD card.Use this audio cutter free of cost and make the best ringtone ever from your old songs.Please give us feedback about any issue or problem when you use.Don't forget rating for us 5 stars to improve Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Cutter
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