Song Editor for Music Speed & Music Pitch

Change the music speed and the pitch of the singers easily with our newest app: Song Editor for Music Speed and Music Pitch!This is a great music edit app that is both easy to use and powerful. The whole process can be done in under a minute! Just try it out and you'll be surprised at the result and the sound quality.Basically, our app has two functions: to change the speed of the music file and to change the vocalists voice from male to female or vice versa.For the first part, you can make the music speed faster to create some kind of accelerando effect, or slowing it down. All you have to do is to slide left you want to slow down the music to listen to it more carefully or slide right to make the song faster and to make it more upbeat. You can immediately listen to the result and see which one you like best. The changes won't affect the sound quality.For the second part, we transform the low or high pitch voice of the singers and change it. If the original singer is female then you can change to make it as if it's sung by a male vocalist. You can change a part of the song or the entire song in one go.How to make alterations to the voice speed:1. Open the sound file you want to change the voice speed (making it faster or slowing it down).2. Choose part of the song where you want to slow down or increase the music speed.3. Slide to the left to slow down the music or slide right to make the music speed faster.4. Wait while we are processing the alteration. It only takes a few seconds depending on the type of Android device you are using.5. Listen to the result. Do you like it or do you want to make more adjustments?6. Save and share the music file.How to make change the singer's voice from male to female or the opposite:1. Choose the song file from the library.2. Choose part of the music file where you want to change the vocalist's voice3. Press Convert the Selected Area4. Wait while we are working. The process takes only a few seconds.5. Listen the female high pitch voice gets changed into male voice or vice versa6. Save and share the newly converted song file.Don't forget to give us the Permissions we need by tapping "Allow" when you first open our app. We need these permissions to make the editing and create a truly seamless process for you.Things you can do with Song Editor for Voice Speed & Music Pitch:- Adding accelerando effects- Changing the vocalist from male to female or female to male singer.- Creating funny sounds and songs- Trying out how different singers voice will affect a song- And many more!Note: We prioritize our user and always work hard to create a seamless music edit experience. If you encounter any issue when using our music edit app, please send us an email so we can fix the bugs immediately.Love our app? Please take a few seconds to support us by leaving a rating and review on our Google Playstore page!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None