A Guitar Chord Analyzer, or Reverse Chord Finder. Place dots on the fingerboard to form a chord; the application tells you what chord is formed, and which notes are voiced with each finger. Also, you can show a scale on the fingerboard to aid in arranging and understanding your chords. This version only works for standard tuning.For more features, check out our Guitar Chord Cracker Pro App! 70 chord types, extensive chord library in any tuning, staff and tab views and more! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.capellbrothers.chordcracker.pro.guitarExcellent independent review (of the Pro version) here:http://androidheadlines.com/2013/04/featured-app-review-guitar-chord-cracker-pro.htmlMany more features, charts, and support for other instruments and tunings, at ChordCracker.comKeywords: guitar chord analyzer library chart finder namer calculator reverse any alternate tuning
Operating System Android