Selective Calling Generator

Generates Selective Calling Tones. Select your tone type from the extensive selection of available modes, then touch the button for each tone you wish to send. You can even queue up tones and have them sent in a burst, if you wish. The following tone types can be generated:DTMFCCIR1CCIR7PCCIREIAEEACCITTEURONATELVDEWMODATZVEI1ZVEI2ZVEI3PZVEIDZVEIPDZVEIICAOCTCSSCODANSelect the mode you wish to use from the menu. Then tap the button for each tone you wish to generate.If you turn the Live toggle button, you can queue up several tones (they will be displayed above) and then turn the toggle button back on to play them.In CTCSS mode, touch the button for the tone that you wish to continuously generate.In CODAN mode, enter in the Call and Send IDs, select the message priority, and tap send.Memories are available for storing selective calling sequences. Tap the menu button for your device, then select Memory. Tap an existing memory entry to edit or play it, or tap the menu button again for the option to add a new one. When editing an entry, you can tap Send to have it played. In Codan mode, the memory value will be transferred to the Call field, you will need to tap Send from the Codan screen to send it.For many of the tone modes, you can alter the default tone and inter-tone (gap) periods, which are in milliseconds, to customize them.
Operating System Android