Skywave Radio Schedules

Skywave Radio Schedules is primarily designed for use with portable shortwave radios, allowing you to easily find shortwave broadcast or utility stations by listing their frequencies and broadcast times.Utility stations are listed separately from broadcast stations and can be accessed via the menu.Search for a station using any combination of the following options, allowing you to filter your search to find or identify a station easily:- Station Name- Frequency (Option for +-10kHz)- Band (BC stations only)- Time (Specific, Anytime or On-Air now)- Target Area- LanguageKey Features:- Separate schedules for broadcast and utility stations- Station look-up as you type, helps you find your station easily- Scrollable list of stations to browse- Search for stations on-air now- Select a Band to search for stations (LW to 11m)- Can be used off-the-grid, not reliant on an internet connection when searching- Search using any combination of Station, Frequency, Band, Time, Target Area or Language- Search for nearby Frequencies using the +-10kHz option- Get further useful information about a station, such as transmitter location, broadcaster's country, days on-air, target area and language- Fullscreen Mode, removes the search option after a search is completed to list more stations on screen- Upcoming Broadcast Stations feature shows what's coming up every quarter hour and auto searches to refresh the list with the latest stations- Add Favourites for Broadcast and Utility stations- Online schedules updateShortwave schedule broadcast seasons change at the end of March (Season 'A') and October (Season 'B') which can result in inaccurate listings being displayed until broadcasters publish their broadcast schedules around these changeover times. Use the 'Update Schedules' option in the app to ensure you have the latest schedules.Examples of use: Using Skywave Radio Schedules with a Portable Radio- You hear a station on your shortwave radio in an unknown language, Select 'ON-AIR' enter the 'Freq' (Frequency), then tap 'SEARCH' and the app will list the possible stations- You hear a station on the radio in English, select 'ON-AIR' set the 'Language ' to 'English' and enter the 'Freq' (Frequency), then 'SEARCH' and the app will list the possible stations on that frequency right now- Want to know when a station is transmitting at a specific time? Enter the station name in the 'Station' box or select a station from the list, then set the specific time by a tap on the UTC time, set the Hour/Minute, then 'SEARCH'- Want to tune into broadcasts right now in your language? No problem, just select 'ON-AIR' and select your 'Language', then 'SEARCH'- To list all broadcasts from a specific station, just enter the 'Station' name, or select a station from the list, then 'SEARCH'- To list all broadcasts on-air now on all shortwave bands by selecting 'ON-AIR' then 'SEARCH'- You're using an analogue radio (no digital readout) and know the band and the station transmitting but want to know the frequency, type in the station name in the 'Station' box, select 'ON-AIR' and choose the correct 'BAND' then 'SEARCH'Using Skywave Radio Schedules with a Software Defined Radio (SDR)- You're listening to a SDR recording from last week and want to identify a station, enter the 'Freq' (Frequency) and the specific UTC time by a tap on the UTC time (or set the 'Language' if known), and 'SEARCH', the app will list the possible stationsThe schedules used in the app are from EiBi ( ) and sometimes include amendments by the app author.Skywave Schedules is free to use and ad free, and always will be. Enjoy listening to Shortwave!
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