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Relish the incredible drum pad along with drum sticks. The drum pad free app renders the drum sound effects with the specialized drum kit. The drum machine provides the functionality of 808 drum machine with stunning drum beats rhythm machine and drum sounds board. The drum machine is loaded with hip hop drum pads the tap controls the pads drumming with specific drum solo and ordinary drum sounds effects. The drum sound board renders the extensive drum sound effects including hip hop and classical drum sounds. This drum simulator provides the exclusive functions of recording the drum music. This means you can simply record all the electro drum pad music as you play the drum machine.Obviously, people love music either the songs or music instruments. Among all the music instruments the drum kit is the famous one as it creates classical and hip hop drum sound effects. The drum kit is specially designed for music loves now enjoy the drum beats with this best drum pad simulator. This drum pad is the best drum pad with all music instruments including the sounds and music. Record the electro drum pad sounds as you play the drum pad simulator. Share the drum pad simulator music with friends and family. Make your own rhythm and drum best just by using the best drum pad simulator.How to use drum pad with all music instruments? Get the hip hop drum pad app, once you start you will the different drum covers with numerous graphics. Tap over the real drum cover to play the drum music, as you tap different drum you will clearly judge that each real drum covers produce different sounds. Continue tapping the drum covers or record the drum kit activity by tapping the record button. Stop the recording as you can finish playing the drum set with drum sticks. Playback the recording by clicking the button on the left top corner of screen. Share the recorded real drum pad simulator sounds with friends and make them amaze.Key Features- Attractive drum kit along with drum pads- Renders drum pad with all music instruments- Wide collection of real drum sounds along with drum covers- Supreme collection of eltro drum pads- Record the drum machine sound effects- Playback the real drum simulator music- Share the drum music with friends and family members
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Version 1.0
Operating System Android
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