This is a standalone Android Wear Spotify app. with this app you can stream Spotify music directly from your wear watch. You can now leave your phone and stream music directly from your wear watch.For this app to work your Android Wear watch need a WIFI or MOBILE network connection. You can use the speaker on your watch but you can also connect your Bluetooth headset (or speaker) to listen to the music stations.For this app to work you need a Spotify Premium Account.A first time login on your phone (via the phone app) is required. This app is ideal for any situation where you rather not take your phone with you. (e.g. running, cycling, etc)The app has a nice and clean interface. The interface is basically self explanatory.This is a must have app for any Android Wear watch owners with network capabilities !!This app uses network streaming, therefore:A) It will have an impact on the your batteryB) It will have an impact on your data planFor any feedback, improvements or any inconveniences please consider contacting me personally before giving bad ratings.based on the users feedback we will include new features, but we already are developing color customisation, watch face complications, options for showing time and speed (ideal for running or cycling) and much more.Android Applications by, DrewApps.Spotify is in no way associated with this app and/or its its development. This app uses a unsupported android Spotify library. No offline support at this moment. Spotify can at any time remove or change their third party support or policy which could make this app useless. If this happens we are all out of luck.
Operating System Android