Halloween Music - Eerie Soundtrack Player

Halloween is creeping in. Are your preparations done? Are the decorations ready? How about that scary music that would be really cool if it played in the background? Well, this app has got you covered on the scary music part - with the most halloweenie and creepy background music around, for free, with no wifi or internet connection needed. Oh, this app will also put you in that rightfully spooky mood for the preparing and decorating parts, as well as dress up. Or maybe you can play its eerie tunes during the costume party itself, this app is perfect for that.The app features 11 properly long songs with eerie vibes, full of scary noises of different kinds. The haunted house music? Got it. Creepy clown vibes? Sure. 'Staranded in the middle of nowhere and about to get murdered' kind of tunes? Obviously. The app has got it all. You can play any of those as many times as you wish, completely for free. It is also possible to choose each individual song as a halloween theme ringtone.*Creepy laugh break*Start your Halloween countdown with this app, enjoy the eerie sounds, and everyone freaking out.Oh, and there is some creepy background to go with the tunes. Carved pumpkins and stuff!
Operating System Android