U-TONES U-TONES U-TONESATTENTION ALL PEOPLE, BUSINESSES, CHARITIES, FANATICS, SCHOOLS AND MUSIC FANS. PERSONALIZED MUSIC HAS ARRIVED IN THE FORM OF SWAG. Make Some Noize Media Inc. Introduces the "U-Tone". O'Yeah, It's The Birth of Personalized Music and the Rebirth of Ringtones. We will give everyone in the World thier own Song & Personal Artist. "IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME NOIZE"U-Tones are songs about "YOU". Our MSN Artist will create a song about anything you desire. ANYTHING. 8 Bars of Swaggerific Lyrics. Choice of Underground Beats: Hip Hop, Trap, Slow Groove/Acapella and Featured Artist. On the Verge MSN Recording Artist will Record and Produce your U-Tone. Your Artist will become your Personal Artist, FOREVER. Innovative Platform to Create, Share, Collect U-Tones and Interact with artist Via all Media Outlets. SWAGGERIFIC EFFECTS MOS DEF[SWAA-GERR-IF-IKK] Adjective: A TERM USED TO DESCRIBE ONE'S FEELING AFTER RECEIVING A U-TONE. U-Tone Types. Possibilities are Endless. Simple questionnaire turns your thoughts, ideas and inspiration into Pure Swag and Musical Expression. ORIGINAL U-TONES: YOUR NAME OR AKA. LOCATION. HOBBY/INTEREST. OTHER. OCCASIONAL U-TONES: OCCASION. SPECIAL PERSON'S NAME OR AKA. TELL US ABOUT THEM. WHO ARE YOU. FANATIC U-TONES: YOUR NAME OR AKA. I AM "FANATICAL" ABOUT. WHY ARE YOU A FAN. MORE INFORMATION. CHARITY U-TONES: YOUR NAME OR AKA. NAME OF CHARITY. TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARITY. TELL US HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS CAUSE. BEEF U-TONES: YOUR NAME OR AKA. VICTIM'S NAME OR AKA. PROCEED TO DISS. CATCH PHRASE. BUSINESS U-TONES: BUSINESS NAME OR DBA (DOING BUSINESS AS). DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS. BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS. LOCATION/CONTACT/MORE INFO. SCHOOL U-TONES: SCHOOL NAME/DISTRICT/MASCOT. LOCATION. WHAT'S THE MESSAGE. SCHOOL SPIRIT/QUOTE. WRITE YOUR OWN U-TONES: YOUR NAME OR AKA. 8 BARS OF USERS OWN LYRICSFactKanye. Drake. Jay Z. Nicki Minaj. all create music reflecting themselves, their stories, their ideas and individuality. As fans we relate to these songs and are inspired by their creativity and expressive culture. U-Tones will change the game forever. "It's all about you", Your Inspirations, Your Stories, Your Experiences and most of all; Inspired by YOU. OUR MISSION: To enable everyone in the world to tell their story, one story at a time. FEATURESSharing. Share your U-Tone Via Facebook, Twitter, Text Messaging, QR Technology, Skype, Email and all other digital outlets. Collect and Trade. U-Tones should be traded amongst friends and family and stored as caller ID's on your mobile phone. The idea is to have A U-Tone for every contact in your phone. U-Tones also sound great on iPods, Car and Home Entertainment Systems. You will do this all via our platform, possibilities are endless. Message your Artist. you and your friends will be given full access to the Artist who created your U-Tone. Just click Artist photo and you will be taken to their Artist page. Here you can message, voice chat, write a review, Critique, post to timelines and get updates on their career. "Full Access"U-Tones Hot 1000. Huge Monthly Giveaways. The Top 100 shared U-Tones will receive Swaggerific Prizes. So show your Popularity and Share the Hell out of these U-Tones. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEA'SWhen creating your U-Tone, we ask very simple questions but feel free to expand, be creative and expressive;this will secure a Swaggerific U-Tone experience. SATISFACTIONIf you do not feel that Swaggerific feeling when Receiving Your U-Tone please refer to U-Tone Support and we will address any issues.
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