Thank you for considering Tune Spa, an easy-to-use and fully customizable music player for your phone or tablet. The Tune Spa Music Player Difference: 1 - You can set the font size for album & tune descriptions. 2 - Album & tune descriptions never truncate and never banner scroll. You can always see the entire description. 3 - You can set individual colors for all control types. 4 - You can rotate through color schemes with one touch. 5 - You can display albums & tunes in 1 to 8 columns per row. 6 - You can turn album art work on or off, and if on, set the size from 25dp to 700dp. 7 - Any volume level from mute to maximum volume can be set with one touch of the on-screen volume control. No more fighting physical volume controls on the side of your device. 8 - The device 'back' button is not needed for navigation. 9 - You can load your own images (e.g. pictures, logos, etc) on Tune Spa controls. 10 - You can link photo albums on your device to playlists. As playlists play, photo albums will display as a slideshow. 11 - Music on your device can be located by album, artist, tunes, folders, playlists, composers, decade recorded, genres, and even keyword searches. 12 - Tunes can be sorted in their default order (e.g. album order), randomly (shuffle play), alphabetically, by duration, and by the year the tune was recorded. 13 - Tune Spa works on any sized device from smaller sized cell phones to large tablets. 14 - The larger the device, the larger the Tune Spa buttons. 15 - Tune Spa is ready to go when installed, but can be customized as desired. 16 - Extensive tutorial and reference help is embedded in Tune Spa. No need for an internet connection or to go online to find help. 17 - Bonus - Tap That Tune. You can load any collection of tunes (e.g. album, artist, playlist, etc) into the game Tap That Tune. (that comes standard with Tune Spa) to see how well you know your music. Tap That Tune will play a short random sample from a random tune and your job is to guess (by tapping on the tune name) the tune that was played. The screenshots display various Tune Spa configurations all possible with a little bit of customization on your part. There are no additional modules, skins, etc.to purchase. Please note that all logos, pictures, album covers, etc.are for representational purposes only and do not come with Tune Spa. Keywords: Music PlayerLarge Font SizesSeparate Fonts Sizes for Albums, Titles, & Multi-Column DisplayNo Truncation of Song or Album TitlesAny ColorHigh ContrastAccessibilityLarge ButtonsCustomizable Font SizesCustomizable Color SchemesCustomizable Album Artwork SizesOn Screen Volume ControlEasy Navigate by ComposerEasy Navigate by DecadeEasy Navigate by GenreCustomizable PlaylistsPlaylist SlideshowsSong HistoryEasy-To-UseUser Images on ButtonsUser Images on ControlsTablet.
Operating System Android