Shuffly - Shuffle for Spotify

Shuffly - Shuffle for Spotify is an unbiased generator of shuffled playlists in the music streming service Spotify from the user's playlists, that is, the order of the songs is chosen totally randomly without any criteria. Why shuffle with Shuffly? Shuffle without any bias (just random). Mix multiple playlists and shuffle. Mix multiple playlists and shuffle in CAROUSEL. Keep the shuffled order of songs as long as you wish. Do not worry about Spotify reseting the shuffle before all the songs on the playlist are played. CAROUSEL: The carousel mix shuffles each playlist so that the tracks of each are played in sequence, as if they were "sole" on a carousel horse. After playing a track of each playlist, the next track is played, and so on. Unselected carousel playlists are part of the "shared horse", meaning they are treated as a single playlist in the carousel (useful for small playlists). For free, Shuffly can: Generate playlists with up to 20 tracks. Calculate the approximate duration of the playlist. Mix multiple playlists to generate one shuffle. Mix multiple playlists to generate one shuffle in CAROUSEL. Automatically alerts and ignore duplicated tracks. Save your shuffles for reuse later. With the PRO features Shuffly can: Generate shuffled playlists including all tracks from the original playlist. Generate shuffled playlists by setting the limit amount of tracks that will be included. Update shuffled playlists already generated with new tracks. Use without displaying ads. Warning: Shuffly does not play Spotify songs. Only Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to play music in the generated order.
Operating System Android