Vinylage is a stylish retro-looking music player with an animation of vinyl turntables. Using Vinylage Music Player you can not only enjoy your favorite music but also choose from few models of real Hi-Fi turntables, switch the color of vinyl discs and type of historically reliable labels, hear vinyl noise, pops and cracks in silence between music tracks and even feel yourself like a DJ using scratching technique. With this player, you will get: 3 models of real turntables with realistic animation and great accuracy in every detail: platter, tonearm and head-shell. Few rare colored vinyl discs and historically reliable labels. 5 skins: white plastic, 2 aluminium and 2 woody skins. Vinyl noise at the beginning and the ending of track. Manual control of tonearm. Using of DJ scratching technique. Zooming of turntableAnd a common player functionality: Playback of music files locally storing on the phone or the memory card. Managing playlists. Volume control in analog style. Equalizer and Bass-boost. Sleep timer. Widget. Playback control using headset buttons, buttons in the system notification area and at the start screen. Automatic Play/Pause when headphones are plugged or unplugged.
Operating System Android