Akron, Ohio is the home of one of America's most unique Talk Radio stations. 73% of WNIR's programming is original Talk radio, not syndicated. It is 100% LIVE. And 100% improvisation. WNIR's unique cast of original personalities takes calls LIVE from the audience on a wide range of topics without any call screeners. So you never know what you're going to hear next on WNIR but you know you don't want to miss it. Audience participation is our MOST IMPORTANT programming element so you can be more than a listener. you can be part of the shows by calling our Talk Line, 330-673-1234. Unlike national programs that highly screen their callers and have long wait times to get on the air, you'll get your thoughts on the air quickly. You won't hear anything else like WNIR, anywhere else on radio or online. Check out our program schedule at WNIR.com. If you haven't discovered WNIR we warn you that listening is highly addictive. If you are already an addict thanks for listening and remember to use our app to take us wherever your travels take you.
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