Release Tracker - Follow Artists

MAIN FEATURES> FOLLOW your favorite artists> Get notifications when new releases are spotted> NO REGISTRATION / NO SIGN IN required> Browse the world's largest online music database, Discogs> Watch music videos inside the app> Get suggestions for similar artistsHow many times have you missed an album from one of your favorite artists, just to see it pop out of nowhere on social media or hear your friends talking about it months later? Release Tracker aims to keep you up to date when new releases are spotted in the world's largest online music database, Discogs. FOLLOWIn order to receive notifications when new releases are added, make sure you are following at least an artist. The app will take care of the rest. NO REGISTRATION / NO SIGN INThere is no need to register or sign in, just fire it up and you are ready to go. ARTIST SUGGESTIONSThe app is able to offer suggestions for similar artists. DATA USAGE STATISTICSWith the Statistics page in the app, you can always keep an eye on the amount of traffic being used while syncing, specific information about the Sync service and more. BE THE FIRST TO LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOWSurprise your friends and create bonds with people by sharing newly-released albums from artists they like by tapping the "Share" button. They will appreciate it.
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