Loud Super Volume Booster

Loud Super Volume Booster is the solution to increase volume for notification ringtone, sound, alarm, and multimedia sound. Loud Super Volume Booster increase volume on your phone, boost the volume of even very quiet speakers. Raise volume above maximum. Boost your phone volume with one tap. Loud Super Volume Booster will boost audio device by 30% - 40%. Increase volume above maximum for all your favourite apps and games. Loud Super Volume Booster increase volume above maximum. Sound of any application, that is being played in the system, can be amplified up to 500%. Loud Super Volume Booster can raise any volume of programs like web browsers, on-line communication software (SKYPE,), any kind of Games or Media player. Simply put, volume of virtually any program that can play any sound, can be boosted to a comfortable level. You can control current volume with ''the pop-up slider'' from the system tray. Alternatively, you can assign system-wide hot keys for increasing and decreasing, and use them when you need to adjust volume. Increase volume for notification sound, ringtone, alarm, and multimedia sound.
Operating System Android