Nusoma Music Player Pro

Beautiful music player for android. Nusoma music player is the best, powerful music player for playing mp3 songs. This audio player supports wav, mp3, m4a, flac and many other audio formats. You can easily manage your playlist with this audio player. Browse your music files with clean and intuitive folder view. You can select folders to skip from scanning for music files. View all your albums, artists, playlists, genres, songs in a single, beautiful screen in this audio player. With this music player you can easily navigate to currently playing song queues, access your audio folders, search songs through based on title, album, artist. Key Features: # Simple and powerful music player. # Auto animation of background with beautiful colors combination. # Ease of use: Left sliding menu and right sliding song queue. # Manage and play music by album, artist, folder and genre. # Smart playlists with top tracks, recently played and newly added music. # Beautiful material design user interface. # Support for creating, deleting or updating playlist. # Quickly search your songs by song name, album or artist name. # Supports almost all of the audio file formats. # Easy navigation to songs queue. # Browse your music files with lovely folder view. # Shuffle your music. # Easily share your songs using whatsapp or other sharing options. # Embedded lyrics view. # Goto Album/Artist from the song menu. Licence: Icons used from the Images are used from Support: Feel free to contact with your valuable suggestion at ratan. kgn@gmail.comEnjoy your music.
Operating System Android