Please Note: It is advisable to use wifi instead of 3g service to get better service to watch our videos. Also note: Due to the size of the videos, the videos will be streamed from the server. GA is the first ever vocal coaching application for Bollywood music in Hindi/Urdu language and also includes written description in English, produced by Ricky Farooqi. GA techniques are modern for learning Bollywood music, after the vast research by Ricky Farooqi we established these techniques which give you great results in a short period of time in today's world of fast technology. GA also explains how to improve your vocals, your music mind, your tonal quality and the right pitch of vocals by giving you scientific explanations. GA also helps you to sing different kind of music styles and genre's example: western Jazz, Hip Hop, RnB, Bhangra, Middle Eastern and Persian scales. As we know that the method of teaching has been changed dramatically in the education system in the last 20 years due to the revolution of technology, from our observation we also know that the Bollywood music market are using western and middle eastern scales much more frequently. When we speak about learning singing in the sub-continent, why do we use the last 100's of year's old methods to learn singing? According to Ricky Farooqi's research Bollywood music has not been able to produce a standard coaching system and structured lesson planning method of teaching singing in the sub-continent, that's why GA is designed and developed according to today's music and technology market. It is about mind meditation and to train your mind musically so your mind can adopt music and remember the shapes of music. Whether you are a beginner or a professional singer, you can find valuable information which will clear your misconceptions and develop greater understanding about Learning Bollywood music with GA. These exercises have been tested on a few students of different age groups and different genders, once we got the positive results from Ricky Farooqi's students we designed GA which did involve a lot of lesson planning to make the application user friendly in Hindi/Urdu, also includes written description in English. Ricky Farooqi has experience within music industry for over 25 years, he has worked with many western music producers and many well-known legendary artists like the late Akhlaq Ahmed and Robin Ghosh where he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience, and has helped many students of all age groups achieve their targets, he has also learned music direction, music production, music arranging, professional Recording techniques and Bollywood play back singing. In the light of these experiences and his research based on scientific reasons he has now introduced to you the new methods of learning Bollywood music with GA. Ricky Farooqi is one of the unique vocal coaches in UK in the Bollywood music industry. His Concepts about Bollywood music are based on logic, practicality and scientific reasons. Features: See improvement in your vocals straight awayGA your personal coaching deviceGA can help you; not only will it teach you how to singBollywood style, but it is like having your own personal music coach in your pocket that you can take out anytime and practiceEconomically cost effective you can share 1 app with other members of your family Our techniques are based on scientific reasons GA will give you voice control, improve tonal quality, vocal range, and help with your pitching problemIf you follow the method instructed in the GA application you will be able to maintain the scale of the song without getting de-tunedGame also included, all scales we have given are used in Bollywood music to develop your music mind The purpose of these videos are to show the right method to do the exercises with caution, once you know how to do these exercises and cautions it is entirely your choice to watch videos repeatedlyDesigned in the UK.
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