Designed for guitarists of all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced), FretQuiz offers to easily learn guitar notes and to improve your skills through a progressive, entertaining and educational method (validated by musicians and teachers). For each note, your learning is multiple: Listening to the corresponding sound (ear training), - Position on the fretboard (visual and physical training), - Tablature representation (score's reading training). For each string or strings group, 4 progressive levels let you learn the whole fretboard, step by step. For each level, win stars by recognizing as many notes as possible. Obtaining the 3rd star is timed and unlocks next levels. 3 6-strings fingerboards are available: Classical / Acoustic / Folk Guitar: 20 frets- Standard Electric Guitar: 22 frets- Electric SuperStrat type Guitar (hard rock, shred) : 24 fretsWork string after string, then several strings at once. Using FreeQuiz, you'll become a better guitar player. Nota: FretQuiz needs Adobe Air to be installed on your android device (tablet or smartphone).
Operating System Android