The Chainsmokers Launchpad

Pushpad DJ is a free DJ Pad application to produce your own music. Included high quality trap soundpacks provided by THE CHAINSMOKERS. Grid 1: The Chainsmokers - Paris. Grid 2: The Chainsmokers - Closer// MULTI-TOUCH. Up to 10 fingers simultaneously// MULTI-GRID. Up to 196 keys (A/B/C.) // FREE DRUM PADS MACHINE. Ultra low latency audio player. Studio audio quality. Music Production Center (MPC) // FOR PRO DJs AND AMATEURS. Training mode. Free mode// YOU CAN PLAY IT WITH YOUR OWN SOUND SAMPLES. Sound library. Automatic import// YOU CAN CONFIGURE MANY SETTINGS FOR EACH KEY. Volume. Pitch. Player. Add. Move. Delete// YOU CAN ADD FX. Echo filters. Roll filters. Reverb filters. Low pass filters. High pass filters// YOU CAN USE SEQUENCER MODE. Programmable Pattern. Tempo (BPM) selection// WORKS ON ALL SCREEN RESOLUTIONS. Mobile Phones. TabletsTry it now and Enjoy. Official website: app has been Superpowered.
Operating System Android