TruRemote Remote for iTunes

Remote for iTunesTruRemote helps you remote control your DACP-compatible desktop or laptop media player from your Android device. TruRemote is full-featured and reliable iTunes remote. No computer download required. iTunes for MAC / Windows / Mobile. MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey. Telescope for Songbird. foo_touchremote for Foobar2000. AlbumPlayer TouchRemoteControl iTunes via Wi-Fi. Choose your favorite artists, genres, albums and playlists as if you're at your PC or Mac. Play music on your computer and AirPlay speakers, and adjust volume with total control. Rate tunes, add to Up Next and more. Browse by Artist, Genre, Album, Playlists. Adjust volume using phone controls. Select AirPort Express and AppleTV speakers. Adjust individual AirPlay volumes. Shuffle, repeat, repeat all. Rate tracks and view ratings. Add tracks to Up Next. Start Genius from current track. Search your iTunes library. Connect to multiple iTunes. Stay-connected/Wi-Fi auto-reconnect. Landscape mode. Home screen widget. Pro quality, easy to use. Google TV supportTruRemote for iTunes works with iPlay Audio for streaming audio to your device. It's a great companion to AirSync, TuneSync, iSyncr, DoubleTwist and other sync apps, as well as WinAmp, Slacker, Soundhound and other MP3 player, internet radio and recognition or lyrics apps. For users already remoting a PC, TruRemote for iTunes is tested to work alongside TeamViewer, PocketCloud, Gmote, Unified and other RDP, media and desktop remotes. Buy the best, most reliable and compatible iTunes remote available for Android today, and start enjoying music all over again. iTunes, AirPort, AirPlay and AppleTV are trademarks of Apple Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Operating System Android