Voice recorder, audio recorder application. The best application for recordingRecorder application freely complete. Voice recorder is very simple and easy to use. You can record your voice, your friend voice, audio, lecture, song music mp3 which don't limit time record. This application can record all of audio, voice which you want. Voice recorder is good application. Audio recorder is the best selection. You can call this application with name: audio recorder or voice recorder. Function, characteristic: Record with high quality- User interface simple, easy to use- Support file format: mp3, wav- Quickly Record: voice recorder, recordaudio- Effective layout beautiful- Play, record, pause, resume is well supportedin this audio recorder- Share, send file audio recorder to your friend is very quickly- Save audio recorder file- Delete audio recorder of you from application- Microphone tool is used to help increase standard- Easy to use and open list of audio recorder which you recorded. Easy to setting and view path you save- You can share this application or audio file using Gmail, Email, Zalo, Messenger, Bluetooth, SMS, Driver,
Operating System Android