The M-AIR Android App allows you to control all mixing, processing and effects functions of Midas M-AIR digital mixer series right from your Android tablet or smartphone. M-AIR for Android delivers comprehensive control for the MR18 and MR12 mixers. The user interface is configurable for either simplified access or expert level editing (S/E), for mixing 18 input channels to 12 buses. Control is also provided for the 4 internal stereo effects processors - all of which feature the critically-acclaimed Midas M32 audio processing engine. The M-AIR app provides the mobility to go where you need to get the most out of your system, enabling you to adjust your house mix from any seat or fine-tune monitor mixes from on-stage. Since all Midas M-AIR mixers feature internal access points, setting up the M-AIR app couldn't be simpler - just select the M-AIR network and connect your Android device to it. Upon opening the app, your M-AIR mixer will show up as a controllable device, and will even allow you to lock your Android device to that specific M-AIR mixer. You can also run the M-AIR app in demo mode without connecting to your Midas M-AIR series mixer. Additional hardware is not required, making the M-AIR Android App the ideal solution for seamless remote mixing applications. KEY FEATURES- Control all Input Levels, incl. Preamp Gain, Low Cut, Phase, Phantom, Stereo Link- Channel Parametric EQ Control - fine-tune EQ from anywhere in the room- Configurable RTA overlay on the EQ editing screens, or separate large analyser screen- Metering Overview - whether you use the Android tablet or smartphone remotely or at the console, all levels at a glance- Control bus send levels of input channels conveniently from their channel faders- Detailed Preamp/Configuration, Gate, Dynamics, EQ and Bus Sends pages- 4 Full Effects editing screens for Hall Reverb, Vintage Room Reverb, Modulation Delay, and Dimensional Chorus, or more than 50 other studio quality effects- Use single bus-send mode for personal monitoring application without risking to affect any other signal path- All input channels can be assigned to one of two AutoMixing (gain sharing) groups for conferences or panel discussions- 4 Mute Groups and 4 DCA Groups remote controllable from the app- M-AIR Mixer's 64 internal snapshots can be filtered and recalled instantaneously- USB Return routing options to stereo Aux- and FX-Returns (MR18 only) - Aux17/18 or USB Player signals can be routed to all input channelsREQUIREMENTS- Compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher, display sizes larger than 5" recommended- M-AIR 1.0 requires M-AIR series mixer firmware V1.15 or higher, or can be used in demo mode.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None