Turkeys make a vast array of sounds. Hear these primary vocalizations, each call carrying a unique message. This app features real turkey sounds that are both entertaining and practical. You can even use these sounds as funny ringtones. Turkey SoundsWhile the most commonly known turkey sound is the gobble, did you know that turkeys also make a wide range of other sounds, including clucks, cutts, purrs, putts, yelps, cackles and kee-kees? You'll be amazed at all the unique turkey noises you'll hear in this app. Turkeys typically vocalize to communicate with the flock, warn of danger, or simply express contentment. Some turkey calls even have gender differences, for example, female turkeys, or hens, may use a series of yelps to gather their babies (called poults) while male turkeys are typically the gobblers, who use this vocalization as a sort of mating call. Turkey Sounds RingtonesKids and adults alike will enjoy learning about the wide range of turkey sounds. Hunters in particular will find this app useful for studying turkey calls which can be used to attract wild turkeys while hunting. Turkey Sounds & RingtonesFeatures Turkey Sounds Ringtones: Turkey Assembly Call- Turkey Tree Call- Turkey Putt- Turkey Cluck- Turkey Gobbling- Turkey Kee Kee Run- Turkey Alarm- Turkey Yelp.
Operating System Android


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