OpenSong Songbook DONATION

ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT COSTS OF OPENSONG MUSIC SONGBOOK. If you decide to support me by downloading this app, do not uninstall for at least 2 hours, otherwise you are refunded and the transaction is cancelled (unless you change your mind.). Please note, this is not a paid version of OpenSong Music Songbook - that app is, and always will be, free of charge. I created this 'blank' app to provide a way for those who want to, to support me in the development by paying to download this app. I was amazed that people wanted to offer financial support (I created this because a fair few people wanted to.). An alternative (or additional donation) I'd encourage is to support the main OpenSong project ( Those guys started it off - this is just my small bit. The only costs I have incurred in developing this app are the. 25 Google developer registration fee, 30 for a Google Chromecast and. 15 for a Miracast display adapter. Also about. 25 in building a Bluetooth pedal. That totals. 95. Of course I've also contributed a fair bit of time learning Android programming and developing this app. However, I give my time willingly to this project (I get a buzz out of hearing back from happy users and suggestions.). If you haven't already downloaded OpenSong Music Songbook, please do so Free OF CHARGE. This DONATION app is not needed for the main app to function. Downloading of this app is completely voluntary and not required to use OpenSong Tablet / Music Songbook, but your support is appreciated. Gareth Evans.
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