English Concertina Free

Englitina Free is an easy to play, authentic-sounding virtual English Concertina. Similar to an accordion, a concertina is a button-based reed based instrument with bellows. Because English Concertinas play the same note both on a push or a pull of the bellows, it is a very easy instrument to play on your device. Simply touch the buttons on the screen to play the notes. Demo videos can be found by clicking on the "Visit Developer's Website" link below. Englitina's button layout and spacing matches the center portion of a standard Wheatstone Engish Concertina layout, providing all chromatic notes in the two octave range between D4 and C#6 (one octave lower when set to Baritone range). To play, hold your device between your thumb and little fingers of both hands, exactly like a real English Concertina, and press the buttons with your index and middle fingers. Scale patterns alternate between the fingers of the right and left hands. Notes are higher in pitch as you move from the outside to the middle of the screen. Multiple buttons may be pressed at the same time to play chords. Touch the "? " icon to show all the button notes. Touch the 'i' icon to change the skin and range (treble or baritone). The app uses extremely high-quality per-button audio samples recorded from my personal concertina collection. Graphics on "Classic" skin based on a 1924 Lachenal Edeophone 12-sided concertina. The range of pitch is ideal for playing traditional Irish dance tunes, and the app should be easily playable by both real English Concertina and accordion players.
Operating System Android