G-Stomper Pre-Drop Vocals 1

G-Stomper FLPH Pre-Drop Vocals 1 is an Add-On Pack for G-Stomper Studio (full version) and/or G-Stomper Rhythm (free). This Pack was created in collaboration of Planet-H.com and FunctionLoops.com. Note: This package does NOT contain G-Stomper Studio (full version) and/or G-Stomper Rhythm (free). For using this Sample-Pack, G-Stomper Studio (full version) or G-Stomper Rhythm (free) is required and must be installed on your device. This brand new release from FunctionLoops.com and Planet-H.com brings a fantastic collection of 105 handpicked Pre-Drop Vocal Samples in best 24bit quality to your G-Stomper Studio / G-Stomper Rhythm Sound library. Specifications: 105 best quality Samples (24bit, 44.1kHz, Mono + Stereo) Preview the sounds at http://www.planet-h.com/gstomper/mp3/flph_predropvocals1_showcase. mp3 IMPORTANT. Start the Content-Pack App and push the install button to install the new content to the G-Stomper folders. (Note: This Pack provides samples ONLY) Minimum recommended device specs for running G-Stomper apps: 1000 MHz dual-core cpu800.480 screen resolutionHeadphones or external speakers Permissions: SdCard read/write: used to install Samples If you have any issues, please check the FAQs at http://www.planet-h.com/faqFor any further support join the Support Forum at: http://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/.
Operating System Android