mp3TrueEdit MP3 Editor Android

With mp3TrueEdit you can easily record, edit, play and create projects that allow you to save your work at any time. Then, you can 'export' your edits without any quality loss at all. Playback also allows you to change the pitch or tempo to suit your needs. You can cut, copy, paste, delete and crop audio, all quickly and easily. You can also purchase an upgrade to enable extra functions to change volume levels or fade-in and out. There is even an automatic normalize function to maximize volume levels without any distortion. The upgrade also includes the ability to split audio into tracks and tag and export them as separate files as well as inserting silence or making audio silent. mp3TrueEdit knows about the internal format of MP3 and AAC audio files and its advanced algorithms allow it to make all its edits without any audio quality loss or file corruptions. It doesn't need to decompress and re-compress audio in order to make any edits or view the audio so it's lightning fast, even with large audio files. It can also be used with your favorite recording app that supports MP3 or AAC recording or you can use the simple built-in audio recording feature. Other key features: Multiple undo and redo. Add Effects such as fade-in and out, normalize and volume change. Insert silence or make sections silent. Fast - loads a 2 hour file in a couple of seconds. Sharing with SoundCloud, Google Drive, Gmail, DropBox apps etc. During playback - change tempo without affecting the pitch or change the pitch without affecting the tempo. The many uses include: Slow down and don't miss a word when transcribing meetings. Accelerate listening to audio books. Slow down audio when learning a new language. Adjust tempo or key of songs when playing along with instruments. Re-tune karaoke or backing tracks for different vocal ranges. Transcribe music more easily when slowed down and/or tuned for a new instrument. Dance & Physical exercise: Adjust music tempo to match with your exercise level. Slow down playback to help improve the accuracy of editing audio.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements None