PlayScore Pro

PlayScore takes traditional music scanning to the next level. It understands all the symbols of standard music notation and can play all kinds of sheet music and scores directly from a photo- Want to hear a song from a book- Play through a Bach fugue- Hear or accompany your instrumental or vocal partOr just browse through a pile of sheet music? then let PlayScore amaze you. Just hold your device up to the music, take a picture and watch your music come to life as PlayScore plays it right there on the screen, following bar by bar. PlayScore works in portrait or landscape and can easily handle a whole page at a time. PlayScore works best with a well lit, well focused image with the music square on to the page. PlayScore writes MIDI and MusicXML files for use in Sibelius, Finale and most other music apps and PC and Mac applications. After you tap the SAVE button you will find JPG, MID and XML files In this folder on your device:/DCIM/Camera/Scores/Want to try PlayScore? For the promotional period download our free 2-staff version PlayScore Lite and be listening to your sheet music in secondsNB We recommend that you try PlayScore Lite on your device first as a few devices are not compatible (see Troubleshooting below) Instructions: Tap the camera button- Take a well focused, well lit picture of one page of music so it fills most of the screen squarely- Tap the eye button, then tap Play when it appearsTips: good light and crisp focus. Take the picture square on - see illustration - tap the metronome button to change the tempo- tap any bar to play from thereTroubleshooting If you experiences difficulties when you tap the camera button, try again but this time hold the button down for a moment. Then choose USE SYSTEM CAMERA. If you still have trouble with PlayScore Lite on your device then please get in touch and we will help. For more information on making the most of PlayScore Visit www.playscore. co.
Price USD 6.99
License Purchase
Version 2.80
Operating System Android
System Requirements None