With I Equalizer Enhance the sound of your music on a whole new yet simple and elegant interface. Perfect to boost the volume to the maximum, listen to your favorite songs and playlists and revisit your music. The music app 3 in 1: MP3 Player, Equalizer music and Bass Booster. I Equalizer is the most complete player of the music there is. It allows you to customize your sound with a 5-band equalizer and powerful amplifier volume and bass. Access your entire music library. To amplify even more your bass, use the Bass Booster option (literally bass amplifier). Adjust audio filters (low, medium, high) of your songs as you want and save your settings. A selection of musical genres profiles (presets) is also available. Applying I Equalizer will enable you to mix and customize your sound for optimal music listening. Now enjoy your equalizer, volume booster and viewers directly on the big screen. I Equalizer goes even further by connecting all your devices together - smartphones, tablets and TV - via wifi. Access all your music content anywhere from any of your devices. A local network music sharing: with friends, it's better. Besides your own playlists and albums, access playlists and albums your friends. You can stream music content of each phone. Just be all connected to the same wifi network to instantly expand your playlist. Discover new music to infinity. You'll understand I Equalizer is the new must-have to listen to his favorite songs and playlists. This equalizer is ideal to amplify and improve the quality and volume of your sound. I Equalizer Ave, check the sound. Main Features: 5-band equalizer (bass to treble) - Music Volume EQ- An audio player directly accessible- Play mode of the background songs supported- Unlimited access to your native music library (you can sort your songs by album / songs / artists or playlists) - Title Search titles (also available for albums / songs / artists or playlists) - 10 preset equalizer settings according to the type of music (acoustic, classical, dance, electro, flat, hip-hop, jazz, pop, R & B, rock) - Progress bar of music- Function repeat: to listen to your songs in loop- Function ''Shuffle'' to shuffle your songs- Ability to add songs to the queue (''Queue'') - Volume Booster (for amplifying sound) - A record professional sound- Simple user interface and ergonomic useExclusive options to discover (fee) : Make noise with BASSBOOST: to amplify and boost your bass like never before. (BassBoost volume is adjustable) VIEWER: to give life to your sound picture: watch the sound come alive. A variety of entertainment is available. ''SAVE'' option to save your custom presets- DJ MODE: For a harmonious sequence of your music- Edit Mode and delete custom presets.
Operating System Android