SiqTraq allows you to stream unlimited beats to your device. When you find a beat that you like, you can lock it down with exclusive rights. Then, you can download studio quality, fully tracked out, wav files for your newly owned beat. All of this is included with your SiqTraq Beat Services subscription. FREE 7 DAY TRIAL. During the 7 day trial, you will only be able to acquire one exclusive beat license. Subscribed users are limited to a maximum of one exclusive license per 24 hour period. That's 30 exclusive beats per month for less than it would cost you to lease a beat from most services. Before you decide on your exclusive license for the day, you can audition as many beats as you want, allowing you to find that perfect beat before you commit. Once you decide on a beat that you like, you simply click a button and you are given instant access to a stereo. wav file for every track that the beat was composed of. You also get a. midi file in case you want to replay a part with a new instrument or make changes. No other beat service even comes close. After your free trial period is over, pay just $47. 99 per month and listen to hundreds of beats, leasing as many mp3's as you want. Use them to compose studio quality songs or just freestyle to them with your friends. Once you find a beat that you want to record in the studio, you are given an instant exclusive license and no one else will be able to hear it anymore. It is immediately removed from the stream and you are given instant access to an exclusive download of a fully tracked-out composition.
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