Tuneification speaks the current artist and song title for the most popular Android music applications. The main goal of Tuneification is to enhance the music listeners experience. Text to SpeechEnable speech for specific applications. Custom speech handlers for popular music applications provide a consistent speech experience across music applications. Listener HistoryListener history keeps track of the last 500 songs you played. Each entry contains the artist, title, and time that you listened to the song. Histories are color coded based on the application, so you know when and where you heard your favorite song. Fully Customizable- Dim current song prior to speech, or pause song altogether while introducing the song details- User customizable introduction- Trigger activation with settings for headphones, bluetooth, or speaker- Granular bluetooth controls allowing the user to select speech for all bluetooth devices, or just a subset- Keyword detection for streaming music apps that limits annoying phrases like 'Advertisement' & 'Buffering'Full support for Google Hangouts & Messenger. Have your Hangouts messages spoken to you. If Hangouts is your default messenger for Google Voice, Tuneification speaks your Google Voice messages- If Messenger is your default SMS/MMS application, Tuneification speaks your text messages. Officially Supported Applications- Google Play Music- Spotify- Pandora- Poweramp- Amazon Prime Music- Songza- Rdio- TuneIn Radio- iHeartRadioSpecial Notes - Please Read: Tuneification works by reading the associated text from the notification shade. Some applications (Like Spotify) do not display an active notification when the app is in the foreground. When the screen is locked, or when the app is switched away from the foreground, the notification is active, and Tuneification will begin speaking the track information. Some applications refuse to respond to requests to "dim" the audio when speaking the track information, and will instead pause the audio during speech (TuneIn Radio). This is up to the developer of the music application to implement, and is out of my control. If you have a shady music collection, and your song I. D. tags are lacking, Tuneification may not perform as well as can be expected. Permissions: Pair with bluetooth devices: determines if the device is actively paired- Notification access: text from notifications used for speech synthesis. Listener history is only cataloged for applications listened under the Supported Applications list. For the best experience, Tuneification clears the Hangouts & Messages notification from the notification tray. This action is ONLY performed if/when the notification is read. It does not mark the message as read in the Hangouts application. App icons by Icons4Android: http://icons4android.comApplication Icon & Artwork done by @brownshu.
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