MusicTrans tool for musicians

MusicTrans allows you to slow your music down to 25% of its speed without altering its pitch or original sound. You can also mark a section for loop, so you can practice your playing and repeat that section all the times that you need to, at your own pace. MusicTrans is the only one to include a realtime note analyzer where you can easily see on the screen the notes used in the song. Everytime that you change the equalizer settings or adjust the vocal remover, the note analyzer will show you exactly what you are listening. If you have asked yourself how people create sheet music or guitar tablatures, or how they can learn to play even the most difficult and fast parts, this is the tool for the job. Main Features: Time stretching with pitch locking down to 25% of the original speed. Realtime note analyzer shows you exactly you what are listening at any time. Loop marks for repeating any part. Voice reduction keeping other details like the bass or other bass sounds. Listen to an specific audio channel with the panning control. Powerful 10 band equalizer to adjust each frequency range with precisionFor the best experience, we recommend you to use MusicTrans with headphones. You have 5 days to try MusicTrans for free. Once the period has expired, you can continue using MusicTrans but it will go to silence after a few minutes.
Operating System Android