We present to you an internal and external Speaker tester. You can use this to test the quality of speakers while buying new speakers, or can use to test the cellphone's internal speakers. This app is a very simple sound generator. It generates a simple sine wave which will let you test the quality of any kind of speakers, internal or external. you can also test the speakers automatically. How To Use: This app provides two modes of speaker testing. Manual Testing and Automatic TestingManual Testing: To perform manual testing just click on ''Play Button'' and slide the frequency bar to your desired frequency. If the speaker is able to play high frequencies up to 5000 Hz and low frequencies up to 200 Hz then the quality of speaker is good. There are multiple setting options available for manual testing in setting menu such as buffer size, sample playback rate. Automatic Testing: To perform Automatic testing of phones speaker or music system, Connect the music system to phone with volume of 50% and Just tap on ''Check speaker quality automatically'' Button. The app will then check the quality of your phones speaker or music system automatically and display the result below in form of rating. THE RESULTS MAY VARY ACCORDING TO THE LOCATION AND BACKGROUND NOISE. TO GET ACCURATE RESULTS PLEASE TEST THE SPEAKER IN AS MUCH SILENT ENVIRONMENT AS POSSIBLE. WARNING. PLAYING HIGH FREQUENCY SOUNDS AT HIGH VOLUME CAN DAMAGE YOUR EARS AS WELL AS SPEAKERS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOU, SPEAKER OR PEOPLE AROUND YOU, CAUSED BY PLAYING HIGH FREQUENCY SOUNDS AT HIGH VOLUME OR INCORRECT SETTINGS. PLEASE READ THE ''How To Use'' SECTION BELOW BEFORE USING.
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