Christian Songs Worship Music is an Android app on Google Play that lets you listen to free Christian music in Spanish, English, Portuguese and many other languages thanks to YouTube technology. Discover the best Catholic, religious and evangelical music. Let us pray for all the believers and the Christian songs of Jesus. Jesus Christ came to deliver us from evil and left us his legacy in the form of a sung Bible. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, God of the universe. DOWNLOAD THE APP. Do you believe in God, in his word and in the Gospel? AMEN. Do you believe in Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ)? AMEN. Do you believe in the Virgin Mary and the apostles? AMEN. Are you a good evangelical Christian? AMEN. Enjoy and feel God within you with the best Catholic and evangelical music. Listening to Christian music brings us closer to God and to Jesus Christ, his son, who came to save us and transmitted his word to us in the Holy Bible. A sung Bible, a sung gospel. AMEN. Christian Songs Worship Music - Features: 100% Free App. The word of God must be free. Brothers and sisters, pray. Enjoy the largest collection of Christian music in Spanish, English, Portuguese and other languages. Feel Jesus and your father, God, within you, and pray the gospel of the bible. Praise, worship. AMEN. This bible is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian, Russian, Romanian, Belarusian, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Thai, etc. The word of God is universal. Do you want to share the word of the Lord? Share all videos (YouTube) and the best religious songs with your loved ones in Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Google +. Worship. Sung praises and prayers, Christian, Catholic, religious and apostolic music, Christian songs for children, letters, chords and much love of God. Blessed be his son Jesus Christ. Feel God with Christian songs of many musical genres: Christian rock, pop, Catholic soul, religious gospel, Christian jazz, apostolic metal, children's music for children, electro Jesus, dance of God, salsa, christian funck. And many more. Oh, and reggaeton. Very soon we will add an option to create religious and Christian ringtones. Download the app and educate your children with the Lord's word with Christian music. Let them enjoy this divine spiritual music to hear the bible. IMPORTANT: Christian Songs Worship Music app does not own the intellectual property of the songs (videos) available on it. All audiovisual content is hosted on YouTube (Google). The app does not allow downloading ringtones of Catholic or religious music or download or download MP3 or other musical formats. BELIEVE IN GOD? DO YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST? DOWNLOAD OUR APP. AMEN.
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