Thunder Sounds - Rain Sounds

If you are looking for Sounds or music for Meditation, Therapy, Yoga, Relaxation? then you are on the right App. ''Thunderstorm sounds- Rain Sounds'' is what you needed. We have carefully selected different Thunderstorm sounds- Rain Sounds that are perfect for relaxation. You will enjoy this app whether you like the thunderstorm, gentle rain or Ocean Rain. You can even mix the sounds with few different sounds as you like. Play these thunder sounds to recreate the power of the storm. Just listen and imagine the dark clouds, the heavy air, the first heavy rain. These rumbles and booms may just make you want to go outside and dance in the downpour. Kids and babies love these sounds too - a great way to let them experience the force of nature anytime. Some of the great features: High-quality sounds. You can Mix sounds as you like. Optional Sounds tracks in the background. Simple and beautiful design. Timer - so the app turns off automatically. Beautiful & Relevant background images. Relaxation for human brains. Play the Sounds in background while doing other thingsFeel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
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