Audio Loop (repeat,imitate)

Audio Looper is developed for foreign language learners and song practicers. Audio Looper will be a good tool when you are studying foreign language (learn English or learn Chinese or learn German or learn French or learn Russian or learn Japanese etc.) or songs. It allows you to change audio playback speed (tempo, time-stretch) of your audio files in realtime. You can mark and loop (repeat) segments of the audio and slow down playback speed for easy practice. And emulate (imitate) original sound in your playing audio then your sound will be recorded (saved) and compared with original sound. You can collect sections you're interested in so that review them later. In addition, It can be used to help transcribing audio, listening to audiobooks/podcasts efficiently. Features: Change audio speed (tempo, time-stretch). Easily mark and move the start of loop and the end of loop with our especial seekbar. Repeat and loop playback segment which marked the start of loop and the end of loop. Imitate sound in your playing audio then your sound will be recorded (saved) and compared with original sound. This can help you check your pronunciation. Segments you're interested in can be recorded and inserted into the review list so that you review them later. In review mode, You can choose many segments come from different audio file to play. Every segment will be repeat played until you press 'Next' button. To important segment, You can slow down its playback speed and imitate it again and again. One by one, study become very efficient. Powerful playlist can help you manage your audio. You can change playback order of audio file in playlist, put the audio file in folder or audio library into playlist or delete them from playlist (just remove the record in playlist, not really remove the audio file) - Search and open audio files from your device's storage or audio library. Support mainstream Audio format such as MP3/WAV etc. Support LRC format words display (the name of LRC file must be same as the name of audio file, e. g. , abc. mp3 and abc. lrc, and this two files msut be in the same folder).
Operating System Android