Prizm - the music brain

Prizm is a new kind of music player that you can plug into any speakers. By considering who is in the room, what their music preferences are and the current mood, Prizm always knows what track to play on your Hi-Fi. With the mobile app, control Prizm from anywhere you sit. Discover new songs easily or choose the music yourself. You have friends at home? Prizm identifies them and adapts the music to their taste. You can find the people detected in the app. Works with Deezer Premium and Soundcloud. Learn more at http://www.meetprizm.com^THE PERFECT MUSIC FOR EVERYONE IN THE ROOM. By detecting you and your friends (thanks to their smartphone) Prizm can adapt the music according to everyone's taste. Now, everyone in the room loves the music being played. The people identified are displayed in the app. TAKE CONTROL WHEN YOU WANT TO. Play your favorite tracks or search for a specific song among millions of titles from your streaming service. Prizm understands the kind of music you're looking for, and if you don't know what you want to listen to next, Prizm will suggest music, based on your taste and mood. DISCOVER YOUR NEXT FAVORITE SONGSBecause it plays tunes from your music streaming accounts, Prizm cleverly explores a catalog of 35 million titles. Save your favourite musical discoveries so you can enjoy them again later, from the Prizm app, or directly in your Deezer or Soundcloud playlists. EASILY SET UP YOUR PRIZMPlug Prizm into your speakers and open the app: the setup assistant guides you through a few simple steps to set up your Prizm. ^"You just have to press the play button and that's it"Tech Crunch"The Hi-Fi of the future automated home"Forbes"What the Nest does for the temperature, Prizm does for the music in your house"VentureBeat^Need some help? meetprizm.com/supportFind Prizm on: facebook.com/meetprizmtwitter.com/meetprizminstagram.com/meetprizm.
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