Tunefly is a mobile app that allows users to record and post original music, write reviews of the music they want to share and keep followers updated through journal entries. It's a great way to connect with people who share similar musical interests as well as get discovered by fellow music lovers. Tunefly aims to make the world of independent music accessible again. Whether you are a professional musician, a kid in with a guitar, or simply a music lover, there is a place for you on Tunefly. Music- Share original songs or covers and discover others' music as well. Record your songs directly in the app and see them on the feeds in minutes. Reviews- Review songs or live performances and spread the word about your favorite artists. Write your own review complete with ratings, artwork and more. Life- Post journal entries with progress from the studio or photos from your live sets. Use your journal to post about your favorite artists, make recommendations, and more. Mixtape Playlists- Add your favorite Tunefly songs to these personalized playlists. Share with your friends and discover what others are listening to. Create multiple Mixtapes and customize for any occasion. Tunefly Live- Discover open mics, concerts and other live events in your area. Let your friends know which events you're going to or playing at. Submit your own events your followers would love to check out. Much More. Navigate the app easily through a colorful layout and view a mixed feed of posts from the people you follow. Follow and connect with other users who have similar musical interests. Check the Charts for the most popular Tunefly songs. Find new Tunefly Artists to follow and directly Request posts from them. You can even become a Tunefly Artist yourself. It's all about discovering and collaborating through music, and there's many ways to do both.
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