Lullaby is the soothings song, usually sung to children before they go to sleep. Lullabies are often used for the developing of communicationskills, indications of emotional intent and the most of important uses of lullabies is as a sleep aid for infants. Without soothing music, many children can startle response to loud sounds and noises. The tempos of lullabies tend to be generally slow, and the utterances are short. When babies cry, what do you have to do? You can use this app to sung the baby to sleep. The music is very melodic, easy to help her fall asleep. Your baby will fall asleep within a few minutes to hear the songs. Collection of songs music box, the sound quality for the newborn to 4. 5 years old or older. You can save time, not sung the baby to sleep, simply open the app and let him hear the songs.
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