Street Science (SSR) is an internet radio station. Our mission is to provide local and independent artist from any musical genre an outlet so their music can be heard by multiple listeners around the world. We also produce live events so these artist can perform their music for these listeners. We provide listeners a radio station where they can hear new local and independent artist, as well as their favorite industry artist. They are able to see these artist perform at the live events as well. The App allows you to listen to Street Science It also provides easy access to the website and Facebook page for the station. Listeners that sign up for a subscription (members) have the ability to vote and comment on the music. This empowers the member to influence what songs and artist are played on the station, as well as how often these artist and songs are played. These votes also determine which artist will perform at any upcoming SSR live events. Members have the ability to submit songs they want played on the station. This provides the members with control of the station and gives them the ability to modify the station's sound. Other membership benefits include: Discounted tickets to live events- Giveaways at SSR live events- Automatic entry in SSR monthly giveaways- Discounts to local businesses- Access to artist informationMore benefits will be added soon. Listeners have more variety with the music they hear compared to other commercial and internet stations. They also receive multiple benefits while maintaining their membership. Street Science - You control the station. You create the shows.
Operating System Android