Tanpura (also known as Tamburi or Tambura) is played to help a musician or vocalist tune to a certain pitch or Shruti. An acoustic tanpura has either four or five strings. This app has every pitch tuned and played manually on an acoustic tanpura, as opposed to recording it out of a digital machine. The name Shruti Maata is intended to mean that pitch gives life to music. Use it for practice, performances, meditation and more. The app provides options to choose between English, Hindustani and Carnatic pitch labels. The unique Sa-Pa-Sa chorus helper (c) is available to help budding vocalists. Select a pitch button first and click on the Sa-Pa-Sa chorus icon. To run the app in the background, click the center or home button of your android phone. Click the return arrow key on your phone to exit the app. The intent of this app is to provide the original rich decadent soulful meditative tanpura experience, away from the synthesized digital canned noise. All sounds are original, Copyright softwarebyvr.
Operating System Android