Premium version of CastBack (Android Podcast Manager). Please note that there is absolutely no difference between the Free version and the Premium version of the app, the only purpose of Premium version is to show us your SUPPORT. However we do encourage you to buy the Premium version which will keep the project alive and active. Thank You. CastBack is a Podcast manager/player for Android which lets you post comments on a podcast and participate in conversations with other listeners. Get push notification when someone replies to your comment. Have a direct conversation with podcast owner/creator. Download or stream shows from a large podcast directory. Features: Search & Subscribe to podcasts from a large directory. Stream & download podcasts. Bookmark any position during a show and resume listening later. Parallel downloads. Google Sign-in. Post comments on a show on a specific time-stampReply to other listeners comments. Get notification when there is a new comment on a show. Push notification when someone replies to your comment. Variable playback speed. Color themes. All images used to showcase this application are property of their respective owners. Comments are available only on some feeds. (Feed owner needs to approve).
Operating System Android