You have changed the tags of song, but see no changes in music player. Two songs with same album name creates different albums. Tags of song is inconsistent with music player tag editor. Why? That is because TagMusic directly makes changes to Android MediaStore. It is a database where android stores meta data of media files. Benefits of tagging MediaStore are: No need to reboot the phone to update tags. No need for scanning media. Albums with same name will be merged automatically. Songs with same artist will be merged automatically. Updates tags almost instantaneously. Features: Edit song title, artist, album, year, track, genre, composer and disc number of songs. Edit album, artist and year of albums. Insert or update cover art of albums. Insert or update cover art of songs. Delete songs. Delete album (without deleting songs). Remove album art from songs. Remove album art from albums. Remove all album art from the device. Move a song to an existing. Download album art from online services. Manage playlist. Delete, add or rename playlist. Remove songs from playlist. Manage genres. Delete or rename genres. Remove songs from genre. The app also updates ID3 tag of songs internally. Light, Dark and AMOLED theme. Song list view - Mini and Detail. Lyrics editor. Fix tags: Extract ID3 tag of songs and update it on Android Mediastore. Batch fix tags. Folder support. Rename files in folders from tagsUpdate album art in 5 ways. Find best match. Search album art. Web search. Pick from local storage. Prefer embedded album artPro features. Batch tag songs. Batch rename files. Merge albums. Play songs. More themes And many more. The app requires the following permissions: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required for getting the list of songs from the external card. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required for editing tags of songs in external card. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: This permission is required for checking the state of network connection. This is used for prompting the users to connect to internet if they are not connected. Worried about the storage on your phone? Then download the lighter version of the app https://play. id=in. who. taged.
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