Ideal app to learn music theory for students in music conservatory. It is the end of old methods with books and MP3s where after completing once each exercise you have done the whole method, and then all you have to do is throw it away. Here all exercises are randomly generated by an algorithm that respects each level. For each level you can then play again and again because an exercise will always be different from the previous time. This app allows you to improve your knowledge and ability in ear training, sight reading and writing music rhythms. Through dictation, reading and tapping rhythm exercices, you will progress at your own pace following the different levels. You always have a global view on your last results. This app is translated in: english - french- spanish. Kind of exercices: Reading (Reading and tapping on your screen or clapping your hands or some claves etc. ). Dictation (Listening and writing). Write and save your own rhythms (listen or tap them) Kind of rhythms: Binary. Ternary. Triplet. Shuffle/SwingAnd many more. The free download of this app gives access to: more than 100 exercices and exams with growing difficulty. lessons (with text and music roll) You can create and listen to your own rhythms, then try to play them to check your accuracy. You can also create an exercice by picking the levels you particularly want to work on. The only purchases you can do, are after the app is installed and tested at your own pace. If you still wish to reach higher levels of music theory, then you will have the opportunity through the app to access to: more than 200 different exercises. more than 30 different exams. all the rhythm music theory lessons. full detail of the accuracy of your taps (in ms). full access to Custom games (Write your own rhythm and save it, create an exercise by picking in all existing exercises). unlimited replays in exercises. discounts for the next published games in this app. The permissions in this app are: "In-app purchases": to allow users to buy items (the list of items is written just above) - "Microphone": the app uses the microphone to allow users to play in Read and Clap game. In that game, users can play with theirs hands, with some claves etc. in order to produce sound that will be recorded by the microphone.
Operating System Android