Sound Sleeper white noise baby

Help your baby relax and gently drift off to sleep with soothing sounds of nature and the city, lullabies and white noise. Sound Sleeper is an indispensable sleep solution for you and your newborn baby or infant that will accompany you from birth to the toddler years. Great for tired parents, too. What's inside: High-quality white noise, nature sounds and lullabies that will calm your crying baby gently and quickly. These relaxing sounds are organized by category to make it easy for you find the perfect soothing sounds, nature sounds or white noise to calm your baby. Try vacuum, womb, or any other relaxing sound and prepare to be surprised. BEST FOR NEWBORNSHairdryerHushShhhhVacuum CleanerWombBEST FOR INFANTSCar RideFanMountain RiverRainVacuum CleanerWombBEST FOR TODDLERSMarketOceanPondSeashoreBEST FOR PARENTSBubbling BrookFireplaceThunderstorm. Record your own relaxing sounds: Parents can record their own personal lullabies and songs and soothing phrases to play for their baby. over and over again. Listen Mode: Your baby's cry turns on the app automatically to soothe her at night. Choose a soothing sound, nature sound, or your prerecorded lullaby and calm your baby easily. In our experience, womb and vacuum are the relaxing sounds that work best for newborns. Sleep Tracking Mode: Automatically generated color-coded sleep graphs help you analyze your baby's sleep patterns. User-friendly interface for the tired parent using the app at night - extensively home-tested by creators, who are also parents of small children. Sound Sleeper White Noise Baby, with nature sounds and a variety of other soothing sounds, has been extensively home-tested over the past five years by us and our three children. We first developed the app to help us stay sane when our first child was born in 2011. He loved "Vacuum"; our daughter born in 2013 loved "Womb." And our third baby, born in 2015, seems happy with any soothing sounds or nature sounds that we choose for her. Since inception, the Sound Sleeper "family" has expanded to include close to a million users on a variety of platforms. Join us. We invite you to download Sound Sleeper White Noise Baby for free, use our relaxing sounds, and treat the whole family to a good night's sleep.
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