Your multi-track recording studio and drum sequencer to go - record your musical ideas wherever you are. FeaturesMulti-track Recording. 8 track overdubbing. Recording level meter. Automatic adjustment of play/rec latency timeDrum Sequencer. Naturally sounding drums. 8 independent drum patterns. 10 drum instruments. Arrange the patterns in arbitrary orderEditing Functions. Cut. Copy. Copy+Silence. Insert. Overwrite. AppendEffects. Reverb. Chorus. Distortion. Flanger. Tremolo. Walkie Talkie. Delay (incl. Ping-Pong) Importing and Exporting Audio Files. WAV and MP3 format supported. Import with automatic sampling rate conversionMixer. Real-time mixer. Leveling of tracks. Pan controlChromatic Tuner. Integrated tuner functionalityMiscellaneous. Undo/redo functionality. Metronome. Play part or all of your song in an endless loop in order to practice your improvisation. Share option (SoundCloud, Dropbox, E-Mail, ). Labeling of tracks. App supports English and German language.
Operating System Android